From Plant to Tincture

Harvesting herb

Growing & Harvest

California Poppy growing in our gardens is harvested fresh and processed within hours. Most of our fresh herbs are grown on our organic farm. Other fresh herbs are sourced from local and regional wildcrafters and growers.

Documenting herb


Correct identification and quality assessment are two of the most important steps after receiving herbs into our facility. This ensures you are getting the herb or combination of herbs listed on the label as well as a high quality product.

Blending herb


Each herb extract has its own MMR (Master Manufacturing Record) that includes the specifics of the extraction process. Each herb is combined with a specific combination of distilled water, organic grain alcohol, vegetable glycerin and/or organic apple cider vinegar to best extract that particular herb’s properties. By blending the herbs we are able to get a large amount of herb into the extracting liquid. Most dry herbs are done at a 1:5 ratio and most fresh herbs at 1:2 or stronger. Herbs are carefully weighed and liquids are precisly measured for each batch, to create consistent products.

Macerating herb


Stainless steel vessels are used for the traditional extracting process of maceration. During maceration the blended herb steeps in the extracting liquid, known as the menstruum, for 2-6 weeks. Slow extraction creates a potent broad spectrum extract.

Pressing herb


To squeeze the last drop of liquid goodness out of the herb a hydraulic press is used. Our tinctures and glycohols are strained to remove large particles, but not super strained, so you may notice fine sediment at the bottom of bottles. This sediment is typical of a full spectrum extract.

Final Testing

Final Quality Testing

All extracts are tested for bacteria, yeast, mold and E. coli / coliform before they are released for distribution.

Bottling herb


Extracts are bottled in amber glass bottles to protect the extract from light and sealed with a tamper evident seal to ensure you receive a quality extract. Every bottle is labeled with a specific batch number to ensure traceability of product to ingredients and vice versa.

Finished product

Final Product

Products are ready for distribution to health food stores across the country for the benefit of your health and wellbeing.